To book your court follow these instructions:

1) Click on the green button named 'Launch Booking System'.

2) Once the booking system has opened up in a new tab, click on the 1hr slot that you would like to book. (Court number is shown at the top, and the time slot is shown on the left side of the screen)

3) Once you have chosen your slot, click on the green button 'Book' on the top of the page. To the left of this button you will also be able to see the price of the booking slot you have chosen.

4) A dialogue box should come up. Enter your email address and click the green 'Next' button.

5) A large dialogue box should appear. Confirm your booking details, enter your contact details and card details.

6) When finished and all details are entered and confirmed, click the green 'Confirm Booking' button.

7) You have now booked and paid for your court. 

8) Kindly ready the measures below and enjoy the session :) 

In order to be able to re open we must follow the COVID-19 QLD restrictions. Here are a few to keep in mind (more info to come):

1. Online booking and payments: 

2. 15min Buffer between bookings:

  • You will notice between bookings there is a 15minute buffer period to allow players to exit and entry for next booking.

  • If you booked for continuous hours no need to stop for the buffer.

  • If you are early for your booking please wait outside until you are directed inside by a staff member and practice physical distancing

3. Sanitisation

  • There will be a sanitising bottle upon entry where everyone MUST sanitise their hands 

  • Spray bottles will be hanging next to the court door and players MUST spray and clean the door handles upon entering the court for the first time and leaving the court for the last time.

4. Equipment

  • Squash balls players must bring their own ball and leave with it or purchase a new ball from the club.

  • Racquets players must bring their own racquet and can purchase a new one if required. No rental equipment is available.

5. Toilets

  • Toilets and hand basins can be used but MUST be sprayed before and after use

  • Change rooms and showers are closed until further notice

6. The Water fountain is closed, but we our Bar is open where we sell drinks and alcohol. 

7. Rear entrance only entry 6 Rose street Daisy Hill

  • Currently the front entrance is closed due to the new cafe/bar/counter/club room works in progress, more on this development in due time ;) 

8. Common sense rules apply

  • If you are feeling unwell please do not come to the club

  • Please do not bring anyone with you, players only for this time as we have to maintain a maximum of 20 people in the building at a given time

  • Keep a physical distance but ALWAYS remain social ;) 

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